Accidents Happen

‘Tis the season for excuses right now. Unfortunately, right when I thought things were dying down at work things started going crazy at home. This past week I have been largely incapacitated thanks to a failure to properly read labels. Here’s my issue: I can read books with the finest tooth comb, but when it comes to packaging labels my eyes glaze over and I hope for the best.

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If you haven’t noticed I have been inactive for the past two weeks and for that I am super sorry. Unfortunately, I’ve been ridiculously busy at work and at home. I was in the process of moving (now I’m in the process of unpacking), and the past two weeks have been one of the two most hectic times of the year for my job. Thankfully, things are starting to die down and return to some kind of normalcy at work, so hopefully I’ll be able to get back to posting regularly.

Another negative though of the hectic-ness of life is that besides not being able to write or post, I also have had zero time to read or watch anything. These days I get home and fall immediately into bed, so I wouldn’t be expecting longer posts for the next week or so.

Nevertheless, I’m feeling upbeat and am excited to jump back on the wagon of reading regularly! So, please don’t lose faith in me. I’m not planning on disappearing for two years again, I swear!

NOT For the First Time

I don’t generally reread books. At least not in their entirety. When it comes to me re-reading something, it consists of me pulling the book from the shelf and reading my favorite sections(s) then quickly returning it to its designated spot. I don’t often sit down and take a book I’ve already completed for a second or third spin.

I’m not sure when I got to a point where I stopped re-reading things but I don’t remember a time where I was ever really interested in doing it in the first place. If I wanted to deep dive into the psychology of it, I could probably explain it away. Keep on reading!