If you haven’t noticed I have been inactive for the past two weeks and for that I am super sorry. Unfortunately, I’ve been ridiculously busy at work and at home. I was in the process of moving (now I’m in the process of unpacking), and the past two weeks have been one of the two most hectic times of the year for my job. Thankfully, things are starting to die down and return to some kind of normalcy at work, so hopefully I’ll be able to get back to posting regularly.

Another negative though of the hectic-ness of life is that besides not being able to write or post, I also have had zero time to read or watch anything. These days I get home and fall immediately into bed, so I wouldn’t be expecting longer posts for the next week or so.

Nevertheless, I’m feeling upbeat and am excited to jump back on the wagon of reading regularly! So, please don’t lose faith in me. I’m not planning on disappearing for two years again, I swear!


Why I advocate reading diversely

Reading a diverse array of books is important and heres why.

This past year it came to my attention how little diversity I had in the books I was picking out to read. This came to my attention via two ways. The first probably being the most unsurprising place possible: Tumblr and the second through a book tag on YouTube meant for fun. I was catching up on my book tube subscriptions and I came across the lovely Londoner, Lauren (Reads and Daydreams) doing the┬áDiversity Tag and I thought to myself, “hmm, I bet I’ll nail this one” and oh man was it sad. I had almost no books on my shelves that were from an author that existed outside North America. The only exceptions were a few authors from the UK and one from Australia. It was really disappointed and I was even more bothered by the fact that 98% of the books I owned were authored by white men and women.

Keep on reading!