Accidents Happen

‘Tis the season for excuses right now. Unfortunately, right when I thought things were dying down at work things started going crazy at home. This past week I have been largely incapacitated thanks to a failure to properly read labels. Here’s my issue: I can read books with the finest tooth comb, but when it comes to packaging labels my eyes glaze over and I hope for the best.

To explain, I rarely wear contacts but it was particularly bright out and I wanted to wear sunglasses, so I decided to pop in some contacts. I had recently bought some new contact solution…or so I thought. In reality, I bought Clear Care, which is a contact lens cleaner. Apparently, you are supposed to use the special case the liquid comes with, so the platinum ring in the case can neutralize the 3% hydrogen peroxide solution in the cleaner. Well, I did not do that. So, when I put in my contact it felt like someone lit my eye on fire and then sprinkled salt on it.

Now I don’t know if anyone has ever gotten something in their eye, but when it gets agitated the lid locks down. This made things a little difficult as the cause of my suffering was stuck behind my firmly shut lid. Eventually, I was able to get the lens out and I managed a water bath to remove the chemical solution from my eye. Luckily, I don’t have any permanent damage to my eye (at least it seems that way). For about a week though my eye was puffy, irritated and a little red, it also made it difficult to really focus on things and made seeing tough. That has finally gone away though, so I am back on the bandwagon.

I say this but I’m probably going to fall off and forget to read and write and exist…Anywho, I felt a little ridiculous after this whole ordeal and my family never failed to point out that their is actually a big red label saying not to put the solution directly in the eye. However, I take solace in the fact that several hundreds of people have made the same mistake as I have. Apparently, its such a big issue, the company has updated their labeling several times but it clearly isn’t working. I’d recommend moving it from right next to the contact solution section to the dangerous chemicals aisle but that’s just me.

Hopefully, I’ll be back up and running soon! But I would only expect one post a week! Sorry, folks.



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