NOT For the First Time

I don’t generally reread books. At least not in their entirety. When it comes to me re-reading something, it consists of me pulling the book from the shelf and reading my favorite sections(s) then quickly returning it to its designated spot. I don’t often sit down and take a book I’ve already completed for a second or third spin.

I’m not sure when I got to a point where I stopped re-reading things but I don’t remember a time where I was ever really interested in doing it in the first place. If I wanted to deep dive into the psychology of it, I could probably explain it away. For example, I started reading for pleasure when I was in middle school somewhere around 5th or 6th grade. I definitely felt like I’d squandered so much time not reading once I got into it, that going back and reading something I’d already completed would be a waste of my time, especially considering there is so much out there. Whether this is actually the case I’m not really sure. But I digress.

Honestly, I think I just have a hard time sitting through something I’ve already experienced. I’m the same way about movies and television. I just really don’t like re-reading or -watching things.

Now there are of course exceptions to this mentality. I’ve read the Harry Potter series several times over, particularly the Half Blood Prince, which is my favorite of the seven novels. My copy of the book shows the considerable wear of my constant fingering of the pages. I’ve also read Anne of Green Gables several times and I have a feeling I’ll be perusing its pages in the near future (foreshadowing). I have most certainly watched movies again, but usually only when they come on TV. I don’t own very many DVDs and if I do, they were gifts and not something I purchased myself. I think within the past year the only time I watched any DVD was when my wifi wasn’t connected yet and I couldn’t watch anything on Netflix or Hulu.

As far as re-experiencing things go, I particularly dislike rewatching television shows. If I started watching a show, then quit it, I adamantly refuse to go back and rewatch what I’ve already seen if I choose to come back to the show eventually. It’s for this very reason it took me so long to finish Grey’s Anatomy. I kept watching the first 6 seasons and quitting. I only finished/caught up on the show when I started it from season 7. When I do watch a television show again, I treat it as I do books. I find my favorite parts and watch those several times, never the whole thing. Except for The West Wing, which is complex enough that I pick up something new each time.

Generally I just want to know if other people feel the same way I do about re-reading and re-watching things. Am I crazy for feeling this way or no?

If you don’t like re-reading, is there a specific book you are willing to read again despite that?



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