Series I haven’t finished…

The top ten series I haven’t finished yet and if I ever will…


I have a million unfinished series, unfortunately. I am notorious for starting something and not finishing it. It is something consistently pointed out to me by my sister with my best example being the show Bones. I watched nearly the entire thing from season one to the final season, season 12, except for the last three episodes; meaning I watched 243 hours of television to give up with three hours to go. What a waste.

Anyways, this is going to be a list of 10 series that have been left uncompleted. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I won’t ever complete them just that its been going on for awhile and I don’t know when or possibly if, I’ll finish them.

10. The Mortal Instruments

I have read the first three books, back when the series was just a trilogy as opposed to six books. When I originally found out the series was extended, I insisted I wasn’t going to read the next few. Honestly, I’m not overly invested in the series, the incest was kind of weird (even if it wasn’t really incest), and I felt it was good enough to end as a trilogy. However, a few years ago I did purchase the entire series in hardback, so I have every intention of reading them, but I make no promises for when this may actually occur.

9. His Fair Assassin

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say I’m probably never going to finish this trilogy. I read the first two, but I’m not interested in reading the third. I loved the first one, the second one was meh, so it didn’t really leave me interested in finishing the series.

8. The Heroes of Olympus

I lived for the Percy Jackson series. It was incredible and so when this came out I was equally excited. I read the first book and it was well written and interesting as expected from Rick Riordan. However, I think it’s been too long since I read the book and the material no longer interests me as it once did.

7. The Queen’s Thief

I love this series. I started it when I was in elementary school and have continued to read it as I’ve gotten older. The reason it has taken me this long, is the time between each book. There was 4 years between the first and second book, and 6 between the second and third. I’m not complaining. The books were worth the wait. Unfortunately, the fourth book wasn’t as good as the previous ones so it left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. So, when the latest book came out I wasn’t super pumped to pick it up. I have every intention of picking it up eventually.

6. Cat Royal

I’m torn here. I loved this series when I first started it. Cat is a spunky girl, who gets caught up in all kinds of shenanigans. I love that it also has historical context in each novel and the characters are so incredibly distinct. There’s six books in the series and I’ve read the first four. I’m not sure if I’ll ever finish the series, I feel as though I’ve out grown it.

5. Red Queen

I’m not sure how many books are in this series, I think its supposed to be four. I’ve only read the first one, but it was amazing (read that in a sing-song voice). It was so damn good. I definitely intend to read this series and finish it.

4. The Inheritance Cycle

Okay, don’t even get me started on this forsaken series. I purchased this once trilogy, now quartet, and it was like a crowning achievement. It the first series I ever purchased with my own money and I was very excited about it. However, this series suxxxxx. I’m going to finish it though because I bought it and I’ve invested time into this. I’ve read the first one a few times, and I’ve tried finishing the second like 3 times. So, now Eldest is just perpetually on my “currently reading” until I finish it one way. One day I will finish this series!

3. Delirium

This is a trilogy and I have read the first two and half of the last book. Honestly, things were just kind of getting less and less interesting with each passing page. I think it’s a miracle I made it as far into the last book as I did. I think I can accurately say I’m not going to finish this series.

2. Anne of Green Gables

I love the first book. My copy is one of those sad copies that’s been manhandled because I’ve read it so many times. The spine is cracked, the top corner of the cover has been torn off. I’ve had this book for years and I frickin’ love it. There’s nine books in the series and I’ve read to the 6th one. I’ve tried reading the next ones, but they just aren’t as good as those first few. I’m sure I will read them all eventually as I own the series, but I don’t know when that will be.

1.  The Throne of Glass

I put this as number one because I’m so embarrassed by it! This series is an incredible one and if you haven’t read it I suggest you start. I pre-ordered the latest book believing I would have read the previous one by the time September rolled around. As with most things I was wrong. I didn’t devote enough time to reading this summer so I was in fact not ready when September rolled around. Now I am two books behind and I have no time to catch up.

Words in Deep Blue Review

Words in Deep Blue fails in the romance department, but managed to keep me reading through to the emotional end.

Words in Deep Blue was originally published in Australia in 2016. It was re-released and published to the US in June 2017.

Rachel and Henry were the best of friends until Rachel is forced to move away. The night before she moves, Rachel tucks a letter declaring her love for Henry and places it in the Letter Library, a special section in the bookstore Henry’s family owns. However, Henry never mentions the letter or its contents to Rachel leading to the slow dissolution of their friendship. Jump forward several years and Rachel is moving back to town to get away from the loss of brother, Cal, who drowned several months before. At the behest of her worried family, Rachel ends up taking a job at Henry’s family bookstore. The two end up working side by side, in awkward and mostly tense exchanges towards the possibility of second chances.

Despite this being a YA contemporary romance, I didn’t care for the romance in this book. I liked the book enough to give it 3 stars, but it wasn’t because of the relationship between Rachel and Henry. It just didn’t feel real on both sides. Rachel was in love with Henry for years, but she managed to move on. She dated someone else, she loved that individual, she moved on from Henry. So, its hard for me to believe it was so easy to fall back into love with Henry.

On the flip side, Henry never really loved Rachel beyond that of a best friend. Throughout 90 percent of the book, Henry is devastatingly in love with Amy and has been for years. Despite her poor treatment of him, he always welcomes her back with open arms. In fact, at one point literally right after kissing Rachel, Amy waltz’s into his life and suddenly Henry’s like, “Rachel who?” As a side note, Henry is also just an annoying character, he irritates me beyond belief. When switching to his perspective, its supposed to make me feel for him, but I was just more vexed.

So, with these things in mind, there sudden, magical pairing was hard to swallow at the end of the book. I think the author, Cath Crowley, was trying to accomplish too much in too little space; if she had extended the book and spent more time on the pair, there get-together would have been more believable. It seemed that Crowley, depended heavily on the past interactions of the two, something the reader never sees, so it didn’t help the believability of a romantic relationship. I could have believed a return to best friendship, but not romance.

The reason I rated this book as high as I did, was because of the grief Rachel experiences in this book. Or more realistically, the way grief is experienced by a few characters in the story. Oftentimes when I read about grief or loss I can tell if the author has actually experienced it; sometimes they get really flowery in the description of what its like to lose someone you are close to and it feels fake. This isn’t to say that some people can’t feel that way about death, but that isn’t how I experienced it. So, when I read books that describe grief in that way, I struggle to connect.

I would advise, that for people who haven’t experienced loss the way Rachel has that it may be hard to connect with her decisions particularly in the beginning. Why she chooses to stay silent about her suffering may seem ridiculous, but I promise it makes sense.

Another positive for me, was I loved the parallel storyline that occurred in the Letter Library with Henry’s sister, George. Though I didn’t like her character as I found she had the same irritating qualities as her older brother, the letter exchanges showed the best part of her character. Though it made her seem less obnoxious, it didn’t totally redeem her. Nevertheless, I liked reading the letters between George and her mysterious admirer.

Overall, I would recommend this book to read. Would I reread it? No, but I don’t regret reading it in the first place. I rated it 3/5 stars.

Accidents Happen

‘Tis the season for excuses right now. Unfortunately, right when I thought things were dying down at work things started going crazy at home. This past week I have been largely incapacitated thanks to a failure to properly read labels. Here’s my issue: I can read books with the finest tooth comb, but when it comes to packaging labels my eyes glaze over and I hope for the best.

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Suspicious Partners Review

Okay, I think this is like my fourth or fifth K-drama that I’ve watched and its definitely cemented as one of my favorites.

Suspicious Partner follows No Ji Wook, a hard-to-do prosecutor and Eun Bong Hee, a judicial trainee. The two meet incidentally on a subway, where Bong Hee falsely accuses Ji Wook of being a pervert who grabbed her butt. The pair meets again later that night after Bong Hee gets into a fight with her boyfriend for cheating on her and Ji Wook overhears and comes to her rescue, as he himself was once cheated upon. Ji Wook and Bong Hee end up sharing a drink (i.e. several drinks) and Bong Hee wakes up in Ji Wooks house the next morning, unable to remember anything. Thoroughly embarrassed, Bong Hee flees the scene and heads to work where she finds out Ji Wook is her mentor and new boss.

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The Scandal of it All Review

I’m a sucker for these kinds of mass paperbacks, but this one let me down a little bit. To be fair The Scandal of it All is the second book in The Rogue Files by Sophie Jordan, but I didn’t realize that until I had already purchased it and cracked it open at home. However, based on the reviews I’ve read from others, it would seem that reading the other novel before The Scandal of it All would have only let me down more.

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The Mindy Project Season Premiere Review

I love The Mindy Project; I remember when I first started watching the show several years ago. I stayed up two nights straight binging the show because it was so good. So, with that love in mind, I decided to postpone putting my Hulu account on hold last week when I found out the new and final season was premiering.

Sadly that might’ve been a mistake. The first five minutes got a few quiet chuckles out of me, but that’s about it.

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If you haven’t noticed I have been inactive for the past two weeks and for that I am super sorry. Unfortunately, I’ve been ridiculously busy at work and at home. I was in the process of moving (now I’m in the process of unpacking), and the past two weeks have been one of the two most hectic times of the year for my job. Thankfully, things are starting to die down and return to some kind of normalcy at work, so hopefully I’ll be able to get back to posting regularly.

Another negative though of the hectic-ness of life is that besides not being able to write or post, I also have had zero time to read or watch anything. These days I get home and fall immediately into bed, so I wouldn’t be expecting longer posts for the next week or so.

Nevertheless, I’m feeling upbeat and am excited to jump back on the wagon of reading regularly! So, please don’t lose faith in me. I’m not planning on disappearing for two years again, I swear!